High Zero 2003 Sound Installations at Gallery 4, The Contemporary, and Mission Space

Michael Johnsen
"Bermuda Triangle Modulator"

"It will involve telephones. They should be arranged in a sort of triangle." - Michael Johnsen
Michael Johnsen is an ultra-unique person traveling to us from his abode in Pittsburgh, PA. His breadth of knowledge about and facility with electronics and marginalized technologies is legendary on the East Coast and beyond. He is equally known for his severe intellectual drive and strikingly original experiments with sound and film. He has also played with Merce, Orla and Zoe.
Andy Hayleck, Catherine Pancake, Dan Breen

"Three thinking people, three feeling people, free threeling people, thrinking freel people. Walking through trees, talking, laughing, listening, sighing, cooking eggs, put your ear to the grindstone and turn." - DB,AH,CP
Dan Breen: Musician, mechanic, recycler, magician. Projects: The Financial Group, Il Culo, Polymprovous, Snacks, and Rotten Mind . Andy Hayleck: Musician, inventor, professor, naturalist.  Projects: Collaborations with Dan Breen, Neil Feather. Solo work with amplified gong, inventions, electronics. Catherine Pancake: Musician, filmmaker, queer, thinker. Projects: The Blue Ladies, Dorkestra, Polymprovous, mountaintop removal documentary, Effortless Battle with Ian Nagoski.
at Gallery 4
405 West Franklin Street, 4th floor
Dates: 8-29-03 to 9-7-03
hours daily - 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Dan Conrad and Ian Nagoski
"He Gets The Girl"

(an installation in sound and light)
"He Gets the Girl. Here is a moment suspended like a freeze-frame. Our unfolding narratives meet and move apart, but here is a moment of inventive saturation in a time-lapse place where we meet everyone who breathes the air here." - Dan Conrad
Electronic music composer Ian Nagoski has lived in Baltimore since September of 2000. His solo recordings are Warm, Coursing Blood (Colorful Clouds for Acoustics, 1999), Violets for Your Furs (edition ..., 2002), and Effortless Battle (Recorded, 2003).
Baltimore native Dan Conrad is active in the areas of music, instrument design, and visual art, with a special emphasis on the use of continuously changing color as a non-referential, lyrical art form of his own invention, analogous to to the invention of music. His work is influenced by Buddhist thought and frequently has a strong synaesthetic, experiential character.
at The Contemporary Museum
100 West Center Street
Dates: 8-29-03 to 9-7-03
hours Tues - Sat 12:00 noon to 5:00p

Carly Ptak
"Foci Coincide"

"Foci Coincide is a study in naturally occurring similarities that often
go unrecognized. The visual element is found in both nature and
mechanical settings. The musical element is based on our occasional
inability to discern one type of sound from another." - Carly Ptak
Carly Ptak is very good at making annoying music. Foci Coincide is the second sound installation she has produced, the first was Housebound which was part of the High Zero festival last year. She is very active in the local music scene as part of the band Nautical Almanac, the venue Tarantula Hill, and the label HereSee.
at Mission Space (Mission Media)
338 N. Charles Street
Dates: 8-29-03 to 9-7-03
Tues - Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday 12:00noon to 4:00pm