Theatre Project Performances at High Zero 2003

Thursday, September 4th

Friday, September 5th

Saturday Day, September 6th

Saturday Night, September 6th

Sunday, September 7th

High Zero poems, McShea 2003
(two sets are collaborations with Bonnie Jones)

This is some writing I did while listening to the festival. A couple of the pieces were written later from lo-fi recordings I made when I was too distracted to write. Three of them were in the last Shattered Wig Review.

When I was typing all of this up, I wrote out a few of the characteristics of this music writing I've done that could be construed as problems:

1. I rarely comment on the music of individual players.  We're used to music writing giving credit where credit is due, especially in the jazz tradition.  In the oft-hailed tradition of Baltimore, that of non-competition and what that affords us, I ask the players forgiveness for my lack of individual attributions.

2. Because the writings were made live, during performances, it seemed beside the point to do much re-writing.  The players don't get a chance to change their sounds, and changing my words would be in response to something other than the music, so I mostly didn't.  What I did do was drop words I simply stumbled around on to no evocative effect.

3. It begins to feel like an exquisite corpse, writing from music.  If I passed these words back to the musicians to play, it would not produce the same set, but something else again.  I like to think that it would be more fun for them to play from my poetic approximations than from that thing I'm not doing called "music writing."