This year we have four excellent workshops taught by participants in the festival...

Peter Jacquemyn (Brakel, Belgium)
Extended Techniques on the Double Bass
Wednesday, Sept. 21st - 5:00pm-7:00pm
Peabody Conservatory - Goodwin Hall
One East Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore MD 21202
Peter Jacquemyn joins the Peabody Bass Department for a workshop on extended techniques and experimental improvisation. From Belgium, Peter will share his unique perspective on playing the bass, with special attention to extended techniques. "Sculptor, bass player and judoka Peter Jacquemyn developed his improvising skills as a member of the WIM (Werkgroep Improviserende Musici). As a sculptor he assaults tree trunks with axe and chainsaw - as a judoka he shared the tatami with Belgian Olympic champions. His concerts are just as spectacular: with unbridled energy he lovingly wrestles his double bass. It is a battle in which all means are fair: bows (1, 2 or 3), dented soda cans, plastic bags, crumpled paper, mutes, horns, retuned strings, ... All of this ranges Peter Jacquemyn among Belgium's most interesting improvisers with a very justified growing international reputation." -Andre Goudbeek

Joseph Hammer (Los Angeles, CA)
Peabody Computer Music Departmental Seminar
Analog Tape Loop Manipulation and Electronic Improvisation
Wednesday, Sept. 21st - 5:30pm
Peabody Conservatory - Room 314C
One East Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore MD 21202

LaDonna Smith (Birmingham, AL)
Improvisation and Art
Friday, Sept. 23rd - 1:00pm-2:15pm
UMBC - Room 318 - Fine Arts Building

Phil Minton (London, United Kingdom)
Large Group Vocal Workshop
in Preparation for the High Zero Saturday Matinee Performance
Friday, Sept. 23rd - 2:00pm-5:00pm
Theatre Project, 45 W Preston St

Anyone involved in the festival and anyone from the public interested in singing is invited to participate in this special workshop with pioneer experimental vocalist Phil Minton from England. Phil will be working with a very large, open group to get them ready for a performance in High Zero's Saturday Matinee program (1-4PM, Septmeber 24th) at The Theatre Project. The only requirement to attend and be a part of this workshop and performance is seriousness, a willingness to take direction from Phil, and a reasonable level of comfort performing in front of a large audience.

SUITCASE (Baltimore, MD)
Andrew Hayleck / Samuel Burt / John Berndt
A Concert and Workshop of Electronic Music
Friday, Sept. 23rd - 2:00pm-3:30pm
JHU Mattin Arts Center - Jones Building - Room 101
North Charles & 33rd /
There is a perverse relationship between the intense possibilities of electronic music using modern computers and the often low impact of laptop performance and the musical styles played on them. Perhaps one should flee from this troubling marriage of dead plastic and what looks like email checking, but these three seasoned electro-acoustic musicians are instead quietly developing an alternative standpoint--producing new improvised laptop music that takes fuller advantage of the instrument's strengths and openness, without the modern posturing. Incorporating novel software and complex systems that somehow parallel the complexity of natural processes, strange psychoacoustic effects, and imaginative playing interfaces, they are carving out sounds from theory and edging into a new aesthetics. But there is a lot to contend with--it is a highly empirical process as well--since like any instrument, they take a while to learn to play. The trio will perform and discuss their music and process, including their technical approach to the music. This is the Baltimore premier of the group.

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The following is a PAID workshop, but involves a High Zero 2005 performer:

Claire Elizabeth Barratt (Bronx, NY)
The Truth of the Moment
Improvised Movement & Sound
Saturday, Sept. 24th -- 10:00am-12noon
Creative Alliance at The Patterson
3134 Eastern Ave, Baltimore MD 21224
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