It is rather difficult to sum up High Zero 2000. Here is a small taste:


Twenty-one extremely varied sets, all new collaborations among musicians many of
whom had never met before, at the Visionary Arts Museum, Charles Theater,
and 14 Karat Cabaret, with over 700 audience members.

At least six street performances, including:

Outside the Visionary with Chuck Bettis, Tom Boram, Jerry Lim and Others.

Joe McPhee solo trumpet on The Howard Street Bridge

Michael Johnsen and Greg Piece take over a stage at
the Mount Vernon Book fair for a half-hour of
microtonal musical saws.

Sean Meehan's sunrise minimal drum / cymbal gift to the inner harbor.

John Berndt, carol Genetti, Jon Rose, Magali Babin in Fells Point with
tiny pignose amp and much wind

Adam Goode and friends in Catherine Pancake's truck playing
banjos on the expressway

On the roof of 2732 St. Paul street with incredible reverberations from
great distances

Tom Borams solo Sitar "McDonalds out of India" performance
with Jon Rose and John Berndt inciting French-fry counter-protest

Etc. etc.


this web site

Catherine Pancake's 20 minute documentary video

Steve Steele's in progress 2 hours and 10 minute versions documentary videos

2 CDs currently in production: roughly "Joe Mcphee and friends at High Zero,"
and "Carol Genetti and Friends at High Zero" TBA shortly...



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