The following are MP3 Audio File excerpts from the 1999 HIGH ZERO Festival. Many, many thanks to Doug Wolf for graciously making these pristine digital recordings, to Andy Hayleck for post-production assistance, and to all the fantastic musicians who participated in the festival.

We have included an except from every set, but this small collection does not even begin to touch the breadth of the music as actually performed.

Friday, Sept. 24th, The Lodge
Scott Moore
[opening solo on fire alarms, feedback, and car alarms]

[Bhob Rainey, Saxophone; Charles Cohen, Buchla Synthesizer; Sean Meehan, percussion; William Redman, Percussion]

[Evan Rapport, Reeds; Greg Kelley, Trumpet; John Shiruba, Guitar; Tom Boram, Guitar and Piano]

[Toshi Makihara, Drums; Vattel Cherry, Bass; Paul Dunmall, Saxophones and Bagpipes]


Saturday, Sept. 25th, The Charles Theater
[Neil Feather, self-built instruments; Michael Zerang, Nondo and Drums; Eric Leonardsen, self-built instruments and spings]

[Michael Benedetti, garbage and accordion; Evan Rapport, reeds and misc. wind instruments; Sean Meehan, percussion and dowels]

Drum Choir with Jack Wright
[Jack Wright, saxophones and mutes; Catherine Pancake, Sean Meehan, Bob Wagner and Michael Zernag, drums]


Saturday, Sept 26th, The 14 Karat Cabaret
[Paul Dunmal, Saxophones; John Berndt, Saxophones]

[Jerry Lim, guitar; Todd Margasak, Trumpet; Will Redman, Drums; Blaise Siwula, Saxophone; Greg Kelly, Trumpet; Greg Pierce, Saxophones, guitar; Vattel Cherry, Bass; John Berndt, Saxophones, Electronics]

[Michael Johnson, electronics, saxophone and saw; Toshi Makihara, percussion and objections; Dan Conrad, Chromachord Light Organ]

[Paul Dunmal, Saxophones; Vattel Cherry, Bass; Catherine Pancake, Drums, John Dierker, Saxophones; Boib Wagner, Drums]


Sunday, Sept 27th, The 14 Karat Cabaret
[Scott Moore, Tuba, Game calls, Voice; David Forlano, Guitar; Todd Whitman, Reeds]

[Neil Feather, self-built instruments; Blaise Siwula, saxophones; Greg Pierce, guitar and drums; John Shiurba, guitar]

[Eric Leonardsen [self-built]; Michael Zerang [percussion]; Tom Boram, guitar, taps; John Dierker, saxophones]

Jack Wright Solo
[soprano saxophone]

[Jack Wright, Saxophones; Bob Wagner, Drums; John Shiurba, Guitar]