The High Zero Festival of Experimental Improvised Music is coming September 19th-22nd, 2024!

Performers from Baltimore

Darien Baiza drums
CK Barlow sampling, guitar
Rachel Beetz flute, electronics
Che Davis trombone
Obie Feldi electronics
Sam Pluta custom digital electronics
Solomon saxophone, electronics, voice
Bonnie Lander voice
Mickey Lusk harp
Patrick McMinn trumpet, pedal steel, guitar, electronics
Jamal Moore reeds, percussion


Performers from Afar

Ishmael Ali cello Chicago
Titania Berti violin Vienna
Thomas Florin piano Geneva
Putu Hiranmayena percussion, gamelan Iowa
Roman Norfleet saxophone, electronics, spoken word Portland, OR
Mary Staubitz objects Rhode Island
Tom Leonardson synthesizer Vienna
Chris Williams trumpet New York City
Lucie Vitková accordian, hichiriki, drums, synth, voice, piano New York City/Czech Republic
Adam Zanolini bass, flute Chicago

The continent’s finest four days of all-in improv and otherwise musical exploration.
- City Paper
A fertile laboratory of musical possibility without equal.
- Signal to Noise Magazine
So highly singular that it corresponds to nothing that has been heard before.
- Maryland Public Television


Photo credit: Dave Iden; HZ 2023
Above - foreground: Toshi Makihara
Below, left - Jayve Mongomery (wind controller)
Below, right - Kristen Toedtman (voice)